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A members-only key club for power lifting, Olympic lifting, strongman training, and rugby conditioning (and whatever else you want to do!). Join us and work out when you want, how you want.

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Low Monthly Dues

We keep our membership dues as low as possible, in order to give you the maximum value. We are here for the love of power lifting, not to make a quick buck. And your membership to this private club comes with a vote. Our decisions on what new equipment we should buy, what music we should play, what we put on the TV — it all comes from you. We value our members and their opinions, and we kick back everything we can to make sure that Boulder Lifting is the best place to build muscle and community.

Workout Your Way

As a private key club, we are open 24/7, and our members are able to have complete control over their workout. We don’t ascribe to any workout dogma; this is not a weight-lifting cult. Lift weights when you want, the way you want.

Want to know what the gym is like? Check out the video by Garage Gym Reviews to see an overview of our equipment (please note we have since changed locations), or sign up for a $25 week-long membership to get a taste of what we can offer. Want to know more? Email us with questions.

Our Equipment

We strive to be a gym that’s suited to our membership’s needs, and are constantly adding to our equipment list. We created this gym so that you could specialize  in Olympic and Power lifting, as well as Strongman/Strongwoman and Highland Games. If you don’t see the equipment you want on our list or in the gym, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

What's a Key Club?

Boulder Lifting is a members-driven key club, meaning that our members have 24-hour access to the facilities, and everyone weighs in on the equipment we purchase. Boulder Lifting is not set up to make a profit, it’s just here for the love of the sport. So we keep membership dues low and are committed to giving our members the freedom to work out how and when they want.

Sound good?

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