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Miles Gazic and Caitlin McKenna

After years of driving 45+ minutes to affordable, well-stocked power lifting gyms around the Denver metro area, Boulder Lifting founders Miles Gazic and Caitlin McKenna decided to open their own facilities to provide the local area with a place where people can lift heavy (or light!) and train how they want. The space opened its doors in September 2015.

Boulder Lifting is a members-driven key club, meaning that our members have 24-hour access to the facilities, and everyone weighs in on the equipment we purchase. The founders created the gym for the love of the sport, so we keep membership dues as low as possible and are committed to giving our members the freedom to work out how and when they want.

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Boulder Lifting is located in East Boulder. Check out our equipment with the Garage Gym video tour (note, we have moved locations since this video was taken).

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